Every now and again, things can go wrong or unexpected problems will occur. But no worries! We’re here to help! We provide service to all of our equipment, no hassle and at no extra cost! Your equipment might stop working, but we never do. We understand the importance of reliability, it’s one of our main concerns. That’s why we only use the most reliable brands and technicians. Should something go wrong, you can relax and rely on us to fix the problem as soon as we know about it. Nothing is worse than having a problem and not knowing who to call or how much this may set you back financially. We make problems and emergencies simple. One phone number, no cost. Call us as soon as you think an issue is arising and we will be there to take care of everything as soon as possible.

Product Selection & Assessment

When our trained representatives first come to your home, it will be to perform our comprehensive in-home assessment. What this does is better able our representatives to determine what requires the most help in your house, and where you’re losing the most money through energy waste. Once completed, it allows our representatives to present you with a list of options ranked “good, better, or best” to help you narrow down and understand the long list of possibilities. Making this a very important and informative part of the process better enables you to choose what you think will fit best with your needs, wants and financial situation. Once you have decided on the products and services you require, we are then able to make an assessment of what rebates or programs are also available to you, which help with cutting your costs.

Installation & Removal

Our licensed and trained technicians will provide onsite removal and disposal of your old equipment, followed by a fresh installation of your brand new equipment. We do all of our own installations to ensure quality, precision, and safety. Our technicians are constantly enrolled in workplace training and improvement programs, like safety, technical, and soft skill training. This helps us ensure that they are up to speed on the best techniques and will provide the best possible service to you when at your home.


Just because your new products are installed and working, does not mean our job is done. Like any piece of equipment, to ensure it keeps working the way it should, someone has to check on it now and again. Like a brand new car, you still have to take it in and have preventative maintenance done, like getting the oil changed. By completing annual preventative maintenance, this helps us keep the equipment reliable and performing at it’s best. This keeps you confident knowing we’re here to help and the chances of a problem popping up unexpected are less likely to happen, giving you peace of mind.


Program Enrollment

There are so many different types of home improvement programs, rebates, kickbacks, and incentives out there that it can get downright confusing. A lot of them have specific rules to follow when applying or have limitations and requirements. Some require a licensed technician to apply on your behalf and some are just downright complicated. Too many homeowners have lost the ability in the past to claim money owed to them for upgrading simply because they didn’t understand this difficult, time-consuming process of filing for these options. Let us deal with the hassle for you. Any, and all programs mentioned and available to you will be applied for on your behalf making the process simple and painless, allowing you to complete your upgrades and rest confidently in knowing your rebates will be on their way to you, hassle-free, making the decision even more affordable.


Now that we’ve shown you all of your options, you’ve decided what home improvement products you will upgrade and are confident this is the right fit for you. We are able to help you complete the final step of the sale. Again, we are able to help cut down on the hassle of trying to find a fair or licensed dealer of the products you require. We stand behind our sales team and sales process. We are committed to being able to bring you a variety of payment options. Don’t have the cash? No problem! We have financing available. Can’t finance? Don’t worry, we have leasing also available to you. Whatever your needs and budgets, we’ve got an option for you.


Don’t delay, our team of experienced office staff and service technicians are standing by to assist you!