United State Solutions is a fully licensed home improvement service provider. We bring effective home improvement programs and options to homeowners across America with simplicity and ease. All of our programs are created based on mutual success, customer savings and environmentally conscious products.

We are proud to offer you a full range of energy-efficient home products and services, starting with our free in-home personalized “energy assessment” to better help see your needs. We are also proud to offer homeowners help in registering for money-saving rebates and state programs. All of our equipment is handled and installed by fully licensed HVAC technicians.

Our goal is to help bring you peace of mind through better understanding and management of your monthly household expenses, allowing you to save money while reducing your carbon footprint and bringing our country up to a higher standard of efficiency.

What we do

Every now and again, things can go wrong or unexpected problems will occur. But no worries! We’re here to help! We provide service to all of our equipment, no hassle and at no extra cost! Your equipment might stop working, but we never do. We understand the importance of reliability, it’s one of our main concerns. That’s why we only use the most reliable brands and technicians. Should something go wrong, you can relax and rely on us to fix the problem as soon as we know about it. Nothing is worse than having a problem and not knowing who to call or how much this may set you back financially. We make problems and emergencies simple. One phone number, no cost. Call us as soon as you think an issue is arising and we will be there to take care of everything as soon as possible.